Wednesday, October 26, 2005

External websites I plan to link

  • Website contains information about DC swing dancing events and has a forum for swing dancers to talk about different topics.
  • The Washington Swing Dance Committee raises funds for venues and recently restored the Spanish Ballroom in Glen Echo.
  • This is the website for Tom and Debra, two swing dance instructors that have had a big impact on the DC swing dance scene. I'm also interviewing them for an article.
  • The Tom Cunningham Orchestra is one of the most popular local bands to swing dance to. I'm also asking them for some royalty fee music clips to use for my project.
  • Sells clothing and shoes for swing dancers all over the world, but is based in Anapolis, MD and I know the owner.
  • Has clips of jams and performances from the best swing dancers in the DC area.
  • This website gives advice on how to become a better swing dancer.
  • This website is known for its lindy hopper archives. It gives great information on the history of swing dancing.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Website critique

Central Avenue: One author, many stories
By: Sara Patterson

This interactive site includes interviews, pictures, maps, "street scenes," different perspectives and hidden places for Central Avenue in Albany, NY. Paul Grondahl tells the stpries of the residents who live and work on a street filled with crime. He fills his stories with beautiful, pensive, crisp and complicated photographs. The website address is

The site is intended to show how Central Avenue is filled with hardships and dispair. It also shows in the depths of all the dispair, hope is not lost. Each story represents a viewpoint of someone living on Central Avenue. One story may be about a successful storeowner trying to make a living, and the next story may be about a woman who lost her life to drugs. The author's interest in the street sparked from, "Wondering why so many people were afraid to go to Central Avenue."

The website is organized by the three miles of Central Avenue. The author uses chunking to organize articles of the street along with interviews and viewpoints of its residents. It also has a separate section that includes more interactive features along with an interview with the mayor. Along the menu bar, the navigations leads you to each separate mile. Each mile has articles and sections for voices, viewpoints and hidden gems. The viewpoints, voices and hidden gems on the menu bar all link back to each separate mile as well. This gives the viewer another path to look up different articles.

The multimedia features include
-Street scenes: A slideshow of beautiful pictures of people taken in the area.
-A video of the entire avenue taken from a car ride.
-A slideshow of older pictures from the early 1900s of the avenue taken from the Albany Institute of Art.
-An interactive map.
-Lots of chunking to organize interviews, articles, and places.
-A blog site that the arthor uses to answer questions people may have.

One article about the restaurant owner, Mohammed Hossain, talks about how a man from Bangladesh opens his own restaurant in the U.S. The article is inspiring, but when you get to the end, there is an update. The storeowner was arrested for "money laundering in connection with a ficticious terriost plot."

One feature that is not successful is the "Cruse the avenue," multimedia feature. I think the only things you see are the backs of cars rather than the actual avenue. I also think the author should have kept each section separate instead of combining and linking them. While the organization gives more options, I think it's confusing and not needed.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Top 10 sites for my project

Top 10 resources for swing dancing in DC

The main site for the Washington Swing Dance Committee. This shows all the dance events at the Spanish Ballroom in Glen Echo. This committee also raises money to keep venues open and sponcer other events.

This site sells dance clothes and is very popular with DC swing dancers. The owner also dances and brings prototypes in for other dancers to try. The owner will also be a valuable resource for interviews.

Tom and Debora are famous swing dancers that have one various competitions and helped to make the DC swing scene as popular as it is today. They have one of the biggest franchises in the DC area. They also run swing dances, teach lots of classes, and know a lot of history about the DC area.

This site gives information about the top dances each week and information about other events.

This site gives information for swing dancers to use about dances and has forums for chatrooms on special topics.

Two DC swing dancers made this site to give information about how to become a better dancer. It's filled with jokes and represents the atmosphere of the DC swing scene.

This dance studio holds holds swing dances every Wednesday night. The owner of the studio is also a valuable resource on swing dancing and its history.

Gives information about the different styles of dancing swing dancers use in the DC area.

Gives information on swing bands, places to dance, teachers, and other events in the area.

The DC lindy exchange is a huge dance event where swing dancers from all around the world come to DC to dance. They dance all night and day for one weekend. This is an important event that will be a special topic in my project.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Sept. 7 Blog

Assignment Due Sept. 7
Overview of one journalistic Blog

Blog on First Read - The day in politics by NBC news for NBC news
Authors: Elizabeth Wilner, Mark Murry and Huma Zaidi
Authors are affiliated with NBC News

The focus of this blog was about how Bush's approval rating went down because of the slow evacuation of Katrina's victims. It expresses views on Bush's late response and how the public feels the Administration does not care about average citizens including the "Poor and African-Americans." Also, other organizations such as the Wall Street Journal are starting to question Bush as a leader. Onve interesting opinion was how Bush's approval rating went down because of the Hurricane when the approval for a president usually goes up during a crisis.

This blog has a democratic orientation because it is disapproving of how much power the republicans have in the government right now. It sides with the negative views of Bush and his Administration.

The article was interesting, but it does not give positive views of Bush. It only gives negative information and it does not look at every side or point-of-view.

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

blog practice

This is my first entry. Just checking to see if this thing works!