Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Sept. 7 Blog

Assignment Due Sept. 7
Overview of one journalistic Blog

Blog on First Read - The day in politics by NBC news for NBC news
Authors: Elizabeth Wilner, Mark Murry and Huma Zaidi
Authors are affiliated with NBC News

The focus of this blog was about how Bush's approval rating went down because of the slow evacuation of Katrina's victims. It expresses views on Bush's late response and how the public feels the Administration does not care about average citizens including the "Poor and African-Americans." Also, other organizations such as the Wall Street Journal are starting to question Bush as a leader. Onve interesting opinion was how Bush's approval rating went down because of the Hurricane when the approval for a president usually goes up during a crisis.

This blog has a democratic orientation because it is disapproving of how much power the republicans have in the government right now. It sides with the negative views of Bush and his Administration.

The article was interesting, but it does not give positive views of Bush. It only gives negative information and it does not look at every side or point-of-view.


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