Thursday, September 22, 2005

Top 10 sites for my project

Top 10 resources for swing dancing in DC

The main site for the Washington Swing Dance Committee. This shows all the dance events at the Spanish Ballroom in Glen Echo. This committee also raises money to keep venues open and sponcer other events.

This site sells dance clothes and is very popular with DC swing dancers. The owner also dances and brings prototypes in for other dancers to try. The owner will also be a valuable resource for interviews.

Tom and Debora are famous swing dancers that have one various competitions and helped to make the DC swing scene as popular as it is today. They have one of the biggest franchises in the DC area. They also run swing dances, teach lots of classes, and know a lot of history about the DC area.

This site gives information about the top dances each week and information about other events.

This site gives information for swing dancers to use about dances and has forums for chatrooms on special topics.

Two DC swing dancers made this site to give information about how to become a better dancer. It's filled with jokes and represents the atmosphere of the DC swing scene.

This dance studio holds holds swing dances every Wednesday night. The owner of the studio is also a valuable resource on swing dancing and its history.

Gives information about the different styles of dancing swing dancers use in the DC area.

Gives information on swing bands, places to dance, teachers, and other events in the area.

The DC lindy exchange is a huge dance event where swing dancers from all around the world come to DC to dance. They dance all night and day for one weekend. This is an important event that will be a special topic in my project.


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